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About SafeHaven

SafeHaven is an online platform for people who have experienced unwanted sexual behavior. At SafeHaven you can not only read stories from other individuals that have experienced similar situations, but you can also ask questions in our community, find information, keep up to date with the latest news, and gain inspiration. 

We prioritise your privacy. Security is one of the core values of SafeHaven. More information about this in our privacy policy.

SafeHaven was founded by eight women with a vision. They administer the website, the community and they carry the organisation. You can read more about us here hier.

Yes, you can! In fact, we would love it! We believe that the more people share their stories, the more people we can help in their healing process together.

Share your own story here!

Deel jouw eigen verhaal hier!

We would love to help everyone who needs it, but unfortunately this is not possible for us. We are not professionals, so we cannot offer you the help you deserve. We would like to recommend you other organisations that offer help 24/7. You can find an overview of organisations here.

Een overzicht van alle hulporganisatie vind je hier.

About the community

In the community, you can ask questions to individuals that might have experienced similar situations, share tips and inspiration, meet each other and share your worries or concerns. 

A community gives a sense of connection and brings awareness to the fact that you are not alone in this. Join our community, because you do not have to do this alone!


We find it very important to safeguard your privacy, as well as the privacy within the community. To make sure that no unwanted outsiders and bots can disrupt the community, you have to register to get access to it. In addition, this will add to the sense of connectedness and community that we are attempting to create.

We understand that it can be scary to fill out your email address and name, especially with a sensitive topic like sexual misconduct. You can therefore also choose an anonymous name. Your email address will only be visible for the admins of SafeHaven (see "Who are behind SafeHaven" for more information about who administers the community).

On the activity feed (the page 'activity' under 'community') you can find all the messages, photos, questions, videos, etc. If you want to know something about a specific topic, you can join a group in the activity feed. On this page you can also post messages yourself, these will then appear on the activity page and on your personal page. 

The groups are meant for communication and information about specific topics. These groups were made to make it easier for you to join a group that is in a similar phase in their healing process. For example, we have groups about reporting to the police and lawsuits, but also about intimacy after abuse, etc. You are also free to make your own group.

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