We got your back!

If you have experienced sexual misconduct or any other type of unwanted sexual behavior, you might not always be aware of it. Sometimes you might have to deal with terms you might not know the meanings of. We got your back! Below we have listed from A until Z the definitions of words you might encounter along the way. Are you missing a certain term? Let us know and we will add it to the list!


(Sexual) assault is a very large term that can be used to mean different acts. Usually a sexual assault occurs when someone touches any part of another person’s body in a sexual way, even through clothes, without that person’s consent.

Someone who is asexual feels little to no sexual attraction to other individuals and often do not have any interests or desires to perform sexual behavior.


This is a type of street intimidation that often involves shouting, harassing and sexually suggestive, threatening, or derisive comments at someone publicly

Umbrella term for behavior and expressions that are sexual in nature and involve children. This involves possession of child porn, sexual abuse of children, and child sex tourism. These also fall under sexual intimidation and sexual assault, but they are slightly distinct because it pertains children.



Showing someone pornographic or sexual footage without that person’s consent or permission.


The act of approaching or seducing an (often minor) individual on the internet, often via social media, chatrooms, or webcams, with the goal of having sexual contact with that individual. This is often done by older people.

A subtle form of manipulation which leads to the victim questioning their own perception, memory or judgement. It is often paired with (sexual) abuse within relationships.


Performing sexual behavior to or with a family member.


Making sexual gestures, showing sexual images or videos, or continuously staring in an unpleasant and uncomfortable manner without consent. 


Umbrella term for sexual intimidation on the internet. An example of this is sending sexual content without consent. Online sexual intimidation refers to different categories:

  • Shame sexting
  • Grooming
  • Revenge porn
  • Sextortion
  • Online spreading of sexual assault
  • Posting or forwarding sexual messages, spreading sexual rumours, etc.

Online sexual intimidation is often illegal.

Performing or witnessing sexual behavior. Sexual violence is comprised of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Rape: someone (forcefully) performs sexual behavior on you without your consent. Attention: all types of sexual acts that are done to you without consent are rape and absolutely not acceptable. See this website for more information about what your rights are in specific situations. Rape is sometimes also called sexual abuse or a sex offence. These respectively comprise of many different terms in turn. An example of this is child abuse. 
  • Forcefully watching porn footage. Someone showing you sexual content without your given consent.
  • Assault: someone touches you (forcefully) in places you do not want to. All types of forceful sexual acts can, according to Dutch law, be defined as sexual assault.
  • Incest: performing sexual acts on or with a family member.

Umbrella term for sexual behavior that is experienced as unwanted by the person(s) it is aimed at. It is a large term that encompasses, but is not limited to the following:

  • Verbal intimidation: someone asks you intimate questions about your private (sex) life, or makes sexual comments to you or about you without your given consent. Catcalling also falls under this definition.
  • Non verbal intimidation: making sexual gestures, showing sexual images or continuously staring in an unpleasant and uncomfortable way, without your consent.
  • Physical contact: someone touches you or attempts to touch you without your consent in places that you do not want to. (Attention: repeatedly placing a hand on your shoulder or legs that makes you uncomfortable is also an example of this). 

Sexual intimidation can also take place online, then we might also call it online sexual intimidation.

Using sexual footage as a form of blackmailing material. It is a form of coercion that aims to extort sexual favours from the victim.

An umbrella term for verbal, non-verbal or physical unwanted approaching in a public space. This can include catcalling, making sexual gestures, excessive staring, asking aggressively for sex, continuous following, unwanted touching, or leading someone into a corner.

Street intimidation does not have to be sexual. but if it is the case, we call it sexual street intimidation. 

Spreading or forwarding sexual messages or images without asking or without consent. Shame sexting with images (photos or videos) is against the law and the possession and spreading of material involving minors is always illegal, even when both parties “consented”, because this falls under child porn.

Sending or spreading sexual messages, photos or videos. Sexting can be fun, but not if the sender does this against their will or if the receiver forwards without the sender’s consent or knowledge. In this case we sometimes call it shame sexting, revenge porn or sextortion. The possession of nudes (photos or videos) of a minor is illegal and falls under child porn.


Asking intimate questions about your private (sex) life or making sexual comments without consent. Catcalling can be seen as a form of verbal intimidation.