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About the community

Our Community is the foundation of SafeHaven. Here we can come together and speak, share tips, experiences and stories. Here, we can connect as we set our first steps in the process of healing. The community is a closed platform on our website where you can register and then log in to get access to what is happening within the community.

Why a community?

You are not alone

Whatever you have been through, and however you choose to deal with it, there is always a time when you can use some support and help. Professional help can sometimes be quite overwhelming, especially in the beginning. For some people, more accessible help can be an answer when they do not know who to turn to. An ear that listens, an answer to small questions, acknowledgement and recognition. This is why have created SafeHaven. In this community you can come with all your questions, doubts and feelings. A safe space with a sense of connection. 


How does it work?