About us

SafeHaven is a platform for individuals who have experienced unwanted sexual behavior in any type or form. Just like any other organisation, SafeHaven started with a shared vision. It has become clear that more awareness needs to be raised about sexual misconduct. Less taboos, more accessible help and more inclusivity. With this goal we created SafeHaven in May 2021. We joined the social program "GRENSVERLEGGERS" which gave us the opportunity to realise our mission and create SafeHaven.

Eight people, one vision

Isabelle Bakker

Expertise social media

Rona Boezelijn

Expertise website & external contacts

Marit van der Elsen

Expertise design

Inge Donkers

Expertise planning

Julia Raaijmakers

Expertise social media

Frederique Hamelink

Expertise safeguarding quality & HR

From our passion of making the world a better, safer and more inclusive place, we have created SafeHaven. Are you also interested in supporting others? Volunteers are always welcome! Here, you can find more information. 

Evy van Ommen

Expertise project management

Elize Wolff

Expertise language & culture